Jackie Wong



EDUPAVI Canada is a Vancouver-based nonprofit that inspires local advocacy and partners with local Guatemalan organizations to combat patterns of poverty through education. Understanding the importance of preventative empowerment in the fight against inequality and injustice, we are committed to providing inclusive educational support to children living in low-income Guatemalan communities.

We recognize that children who live in the realities of poverty are not themselves less-than, but that they are individuals of equal worth and potential who face layered processes of disadvantage which often deny them the dignity to hope for a better future. By investing in their futures, we strive to ensure that the upcoming generations know their value and right to a dignified life, and are inspired to become agents of change in their own communities.

We are also driven by our passion for inspiring and empowering youth and activists in the Lower Mainland to get involved, practice informed advocacy, and discover their passion for catalyzing meaningful change.

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