The English Ministry is made up of people from all walks of life, from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, from different ages and seasons of life. We are a multi-generational community that desires to grow in our knowledge and understanding of God, and to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ – to have a “Christlikeness” in all that we do, all that we say, and all that we are – to be real, genuine, and transparent in our faith as we go through the joys and victories, as well as the challenges and struggles of life.  

We love our church community because, being a multi-generational church, we can speak into each others’ lives. Those who are more mature in Christ building up those who are younger in their faith and walking alongside of them, encouraging them, cheering them on, and praying for them. And those who are a bit younger amongst us sharing their zeal, passion, and enthusiasm in the Lord which is so contagious! One generation caring for, loving, building into the next, and so on and so forth – being Christ’s disciples who can then go on to make disciples of all nations.